Mandela Day 2020

Launched in 2018, Mandela Mile was started in support of Kofi Annan as he led The Elders Walk Together initiative honouring Nelson Mandela’s Centenary on 18 July.

Every year since, Mandela Mile has pioneered global community walks and celebrations on Mandela Day, reaching a global audience, now engaging 25+ countries from around the world.

This year, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be hosting a virtual Mandela Mile 24-hour live stream and Step Up party!

Mandela Mile provides a pathway to honouring two of the most remarkable leaders of our time by recognising the leader within ourselves.

We hope you will Step Up and celebrate with us as we venture towards a freer, fairer and more peaceful world.


Kofi Annan

1938 - 2018




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